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African-American Journeys is an innovator and leader in the field of tours for those searching for the memories of their ancestors. Our unique programs have been designed for those who want to go beyond touring a destination and seek to genuinely experience the people, cultures and spirituality of the countries and places they visit. We offer you the opportunity to become an intimate part of that experience. To "feel" it, not just "see" it in ways that are simply not available to regular tourists.

On the West Coast of Africa, where millions of Africans taken into captivity saw their homeland for the last time, African-Americans now search for the memories of their ancestors. Today, many African-Americans are sensing that the ancient wisdom of the past should be re-discovered. They feel the calls of the ancient sacred places growing stronger.

Travelers don't only want to understand the social, cultural and religious aspects of a society, but they want to discover that place in their consciousness. They want to become an intimate part of that experience. To "feel" it, not just "see" it. Most important, they want to travel with an understanding and believe in learning about the past and sharing a vacation of a lifetime. To be greeted with a warm friendly smile followed by "my brother" or "my sister" and then an embrace.

And for the first time, we are including some destinations closer to America such as the Bahamas, where both Spanish and English slave traders wiped out the Lucayans by enslavement.

We at African-American Journeys are very excited and honored to share these special trips with you. Journeys that will be happenings; that reach across the waters, across the many miles and across cultural differences to extend a collective hand and hug of friendship.

Travel at any time with AAJ:

Our African American Journeys are now available for the independent traveler with unique programs that offer you the opportunity to travel to some of the world's most important heritage sites on your own. Our custom-designed itineraries include the rich culture & ancient history of these countries, as well as their diverse history.

AAJ's “On Your Own” are ideal journeys for those who enjoy their independence while traveling. These Independent itineraries are very similar to group programs but offer the flexibility to discover the heritage sites and attractions on your own, while at the same time providing you with the assurance that your basic needs such as accommodations, transportation, local tours and spiritual insight are secured in advance.

They can be taken at any time using your own airfare, or we can assist you with transportation.

And if you have family or friends who want to join you, there are special price reductions for 4 or more travelers.

Traveling with African-American Journeys offers you other important advantages:

  • All our journeys can be taken on an individual basis, or you can form your small group to take advantage of price reductions.
  • As a Division of RMC Travel, we have enormous buying power. And that buying power that is translated into outstanding value for your travel dollar.
  • One of the key reasons for our continued growth is our reputation for delivering what we promise.
  • The intangible element that keeps our clients coming back is a combination of carefully planned programs and services--plus our personal and untiring attention to detail - before, during, and after our tour departures.
  • AAJ carries a One Million Dollar per traveler Errors and Omissions travel insurance policy for your travel protection.

Excellent value, reliability, and dedicated personal service -- it all adds up to unequivocal customer satisfaction, and repeat travel with us.

RMC Travel, AAJ's Parent Company

African-American Journeys is a division of RMC Travel, formerly known as The Cortell Group, one of the travel industry's most innovative companies. Under the leadership of its former Chairman and travel industry leader, Jules Cortell, and the company's President, Raymond Cortell, The Cortell Group developed and launched such travel concepts as the European Fly/Drive Holiday and London Theater Holidays. It also pioneered trekking programs for students, gay travel and many other types of programs that are a part of today's travel world. The Cortell Group's innovation and creativity also led to their early use of the Internet as a travel marketing and sales tool in 1986. As a division of RMC Travel, African-American Journeys reflects the company's innovative spirit, dynamism, and integrity.

That is what our company is all about -- heritage, knowledge, culture and fun. The development of self and spirit through the discovery of one's origins at special sites and countries scattered throughout our world. The difference between an "African-American Journey" and traditional tours is the difference between visiting a destination and experiencing it.

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